Through surveys, in-person interviews and secondary research, we found that the most common use of mobile devices was for social media and basic communication. We also found that images were the preferred form of communicating on social media especially. While there were many other apps and tools used, notes and iCal were among the most frequently mentioned. From our interviews the most significant finding we found was that there was no formula for the symptoms, medication, or coping for ADHD and ADD. Every interviewee had a different experience and it became clear that whatever the final product, it must be customizable. We also found that they were highly visual, whether it be joking about having a messy room and wanting to “see it all” or having trouble visualizing their commitments and day ahead. On the topic of planning, routine making, and maintenance was also stressed.

Break It Down

Mobile App

An app that breaks your life down into events that you are looking forward to and lists to help you get there. With the popularity of social media and the mass number of digital possessions today, there is an emerging need for reflection and organization. As people grow up in a digital world, countless images, events, and interactions are recorded through different forms of media and tied to each individual’s identities. The ability to distinguish between what is significant and insignificant and what is an extension of their self and what is not as easy. We worked to create an app that allows teens to access and engage with their vitual possessions and reflect in order to promote self-presentation. For this project, I worked in a group with team members,Kate Mashek and Leyli Guliyeva.


When we were developing the concept, we determined goals that we wanted the app to achieve. We wanted to draw on teen’s creativity, adventurousness, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm; strengthen self-confidence by indirectly developing goal management and informing future decision making; visualize digital possessions so users can reflect back and set goals for the future; promote habitual reflection; and give students more personal responsibility, perspective and meaning. With these goals in mind, we went through various concepts until we reached our final one.