Photography App (Prototype)

Exposure helps people find meaning in images by exposing them to select images by various photographers. As users explore the conceptual iPad app, they can begin to familiarize themselves with the chosen photographs and photographers. Users can then learn about each image as they wander through the pages. The goal is to give users a starting point with an example of an interpretation. However, in the end, users decide what they want to take away from the interpretation. These deconstructions inspire users to form their own interpretations. This app is primarily a learning tool.

A Closer Look

The app is meant to be explored in a free form way, so users can become familiar with these images at their own pace. The photographs are organized in a gallery format where filters can be applied for different types of photography. Certain parts of the images are highlighted to emphasize things that might be overlooked. Throughout this exploratory process, users will be exposed to various deconstructions of images, complemented with some history and insight into each photographer’s thoughts and process in the form of video, audio, and text. Some of the text interpretations are taken from John Szarkowski's "Looking At Photographs". I have chosen images based on what I have learned throughout the years in various photo history and photography classes and the images in John Szarkowski's book.



Developing the concept for the app was kind of challenging in a way I have not yet experienced. In the beginning I felt conflicted because I was basing off what I wanted to teach users with famous photographers' images and interpretations by John Szarkowski. My main goal was to create a curated experience for users to learn interpretations of the select photographers' works as well as become exposed to images that they should know. So I focused on the organization of information—from my own deconstructions and Szarkowski's interpretations, articles about the photographers, quotations by the photographers, relevant video clips pertaining to the images–and how people would interact with the app. Hopefully, people learn how images can be decoded and a little more about photo history and the photographers after using the app.