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Special thanks to Julia Seltzer, Cristina Shin, Joe Oak, Vanessa Landolt, Sun Park, Lincoln He, Paul Kim, Larissa Lanker and Nadyli Nunez! Also thanks to Brian Gratwicke and Ciara Byrne.

Music: The Winner Is—Mychael Danna/Devotchka

Golden Frog Day

Video for National Holiday

A motion piece bringing awareness to the possible extinction of Panama's frogs and promoting the celebration of Golden Frog Day in Panama. I worked with a scientist from the Smithsonian to create a story to promote the celebration.

This was one of my more experimental pieces. I wanted to create a feeling of pride and excite viewers about the frog species and national holiday in Panama by capturing the idea of working and celebrating together.

Preparation and Set Up

Setting up for the video took a lot of preparation in terms of planning and creating the props. I painted frogs onto all the balloons with a stencil I made. Words are also painted onto some of the balloons using a stencil that I created. The signs are also handmade.

Working With the Medium

Many scenes were difficult to film because of the lack of control I had over the balloons. This was one of those scenes where I had to film it more than three times to get it right. The big balloons were the most difficult to control. I taped fishing line on the sides to pull them up for each scene. But, because of the mass and weight of the balloons, they kept spinning so that the words were not facing the camera properly. For some of the balloons, we attached three strings to keep them more stable.

The Experience

While the preparation and coordination for this video was stressful, it was really fun to film. I'm really glad that I decided to take on and attempt to create this video.

Coordination during filming

There were a lot of factors out of my control so I found explaining in great detail and playing out certain movements worked out pretty well.

The Final Scene

I had my friend sit below the camera’s view to hold the balloons and let go on my cue. Another friend was ready on the side to throw the confetti.


The making of this video was one of the most complicated processes that I had taken on because of the planning, preparation, and coordination that had to be done for it. While the concept of the video is simple, the execution was significantly more complex.