Wayfinding and Welcome Poster

Before walking into the garden, a wayfinding system of dots tied together on trees lead visitors into the garden. In the garden, visitors are greeted with a welcome poster explaining the activity. In addition, we designed three posters demonstrating the process, story and final deliverables of our project.

The Guided Experience

Each child receives a booklet that includes a colored necklace, a guide based on a specific animal—either a wren, chipmunk or bee and an invitation that the child can give to someone of their choosing. The invitation has a blank side where the child can choose to draw something inspired by their visit.

A Look Inside

Inside the booklets are facts about the specific animal's habitat based around the three essentials of food, water, and shelter. Kids explore the garden finding different colored dots that correspond with their animal and learn from the information in the booklets.

Tied Together

Experience Design for Urban Backyard Habitats

A space design project based around the theme of "Urban Backyard Habitats." Working with three other classmates (Kate Mashek, Leyli Guliyeva and Michael Loffredo), we designed an education activity for kids to play around the community garden. The goal was to encourage exploration and educate kids about the idea of shared space in human and animal life in both urban and natural settings.